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Fail Cakes, uh, find a way

Time for another fail story!

One of my most consistent bakes are chiffon cakes. I have tried quite a few different flavours and they have always turned out well. If I need a quick cake and I don’t have much time, chiffon is my go-to. I have three chiffon tins at home, one 10″ and two 7″ and a few small 4″ tins I could probably get away with baking mini chiffons in. I. LOVE. CHIFFON.


Just because you are consistent and good at one bake doesn’t mean it will never fail. I am not talking about nitpicky things like: oh it could be fluffier, oh the flavour could be stronger, that sorta stuff. Those are things you say when the bake turns out pretty good and you are just incapable of accepting compliments.

This past weekend I didn’t quite know what to make since the daylight saving time was really messing with my routine and schedule. It’s amazing what an hour would do to your day. I am up to my eyeballs right now with frozen egg white so anything that calls for just egg yolks are out of the question.

Soooooo. Two small chiffons with different flavours sounds good and relaxing so that is what I went for.

I always make a mess when I do chiffon though because I need 3 bowls to separate my eggs. I can never seem to crack an egg and not worry about the yolk being broken.

I just got some new tea this past week so I thought to flavour one of them with this lemony tea, and ground up some tea leaves for extra aroma. The other one I wanted to make a fruity swirl since I have some leftover blueberry puree, so I can just drop that into the batter and make a nice pretty cake. That was the plan anyway!


So I dropped the puree in.


Give it a good stir for marbling. It looks pretty good.


I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of the marbled one close up. Oh I know, I thought I will give it a beauty shot later so I only included the tea flavoured one. It looked good, smell right. The top was a lovely marbling effect.

When I took it out of the tin though, that was a different story.


Check out this blueberry pits of DOOM. These holes are coated entirely of blueberry puree.


So is the bottom of the cake tin.


This is just so sad. The cake, or what was left of the cake, is very moist and actually really tasty with the leftover puree. Just… so much less of it. I guess since chiffon cakes are mostly made of air, the heavy puree just squished all of the air out and left us with these gigantic cake holes.

So what did I do wrong? Let’s review so we don’t do it again.
1. Too much puree probably. I think if I were to just use puree (which I probably shouldn’t anyway) is to use very little of it. Maybe a few drops on the top to create a decoration, not for flavouring.

2. If I were to want to make a fruity marble cake, I should probably separate out batter to mix the puree in first. Then mix that extra fruity batter back into the regular batter for marbling. That is how you make the chocolate marble, not drop a block of chocolate into the batter. I don’t know what I was thinking, hindsight is 120/120. SIGH.


The good news is the other cake turned out marvelously. I mean the air holes can be more uniform. You know, if we were to be really critical.


It is so soft and squishable. Exactly how a chiffon should be. I will attempt this fruity marble thing again sometime, and this time it will come out nice.


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